Friday, December 01, 2006

The Perfect Cup
I love hot cocoa. Almost as much as marshmallow peeps, but not quite. I love to put new things in my cocoa to find just the right flavor. Today, I just did the chocolate and marshmallows. I wonder if you could put peeps in hot cocoa? Hmmm... I guess I'll just have to make another run to Target to get a new stash (of course, I just bought two boxes 2 days ago... they are GONE). I love to buy different flavored candy canes and melt them in my cocoa. Peppermint is always a good one, but I also love the strawberry and raspberry. Another fun thing is to melt ice cream in a boiling hot cup of cocoa. It makes it extra creamy and using different flavors gives it an extra kick. I also love to put carmel or white chocolate in it. Almond bark is yummy too. For an extra chocolatey flavor I throw in Hershey's kisses or pieces of chocolate bars. This year it's been to warm to drink too much hot chocolate - until the last few days! It's finally a little chilly here and I'm loving it!! It's perfect weather to get my favorite cocoa ready, snuggle up in a blanket and read a book or watch a favorite movie. One thing I do need to get is a bigger mug. I usually end up making two cups because it's just not quite enough with the mug size we have. Maybe I'll have to get a big mug while I'm out getting my peeps :)


RaNae said...

Ohh My gosh we are so alike- although I have switched to Swiss Miss Diet Coaco I do add ff creamer to make it a little more creamy and I add splenda flavor sticks they are made for coffee but the hazelnut and french vanilla add a nice twist to my coaco. And I love to have a big cup I actually have a favorite cup... I'll post about her tomorrow.

Melissa said...

Splenda flavor sticks? Hmm... I have never seen those... I'll have to check them out. It's warm here, but I broke down and had some cocoa just now... I put a big spoonful of carmel in it and then the marshmallows... :) SO super sweet that it makes me thirsty! lol