Friday, December 08, 2006

My Nativity

I have coveted this nativity set for a long time! Is that bad or what? But, I now own it! On the day after Thanksgiving I picked one up at a craft store in Idaho Falls. It was 25% off, which is a rare thing for the Demdaco Willowtree items. They don't ever go on sale. But this store has them once a year at 25% off. So, I'm slowly going to build this up. Next year I'll probably get the Wisemen or the star backdrop. There is also another shepherd and a creche... but I don't know if I will get those. First of all, I have one shepherd. Don't know if I want another... I'll have to look at the other and see... and the creche is $90!! Now, to some people, that may not seem so bad, but that's a lot for me. So, they may just have to sit on top of the entertainment center or piano each year!


RaNae said...

It's soo beautiful are those the pieces you were blessed with?
Today I went thrifting I found the most beautiful plate of Jesus walking surrounded by sheep and he is carrying a lamb.. it's all on my blog- I just love it it was only 3$ but it speaks to my soul about how he carries us when we can't carry ourselves and how much he loves us.
Hugs R

shirlee said...

I've been looking for a really nice nativity scene for years. I really like yours. Was each piece separate and then you can buy additional pieces? It looks very similar to one I saw years ago and really wanted. How tall are the people?

Melissa said...

RaNae - I'm glad you liked it!! It is a treasure to me :)

Shirlee... I'm glad you liked it too! :) lol I just measured Joseph and Mary... Joseph is 9 1/4" and Mary is 6". They are good sized, but not huge. I don't think you can buy each piece individually... this set came with all the pieces you see in the picture and it was $54 (but I got 25% off...) There is a set of wisemen, a star backdrop, the creche and then another shepherd with ... hmm... I think it's a cow and a camel... but I'm not sure. I had a friend when I was a kid and her mom left their nativity up all year long! I've been meaning to ask you... would you care if I linked your blog to mine? :)