Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Candy Can
Yes, I know it should be candy canE. But, my little girl calls them "candy cans". My kids say the funniest things. The other day my oldest son asked if we had electricity when he was born (he'll be 8 in January). My Dh told him no and that we used to have to go outside to go to the bathroom too. Good one dad ;) He also asked me if I believed in Santa Claus. I turned the question back to him and he said, "Well, I don't know if I believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny. But I do know that I believe in Jesus." That's good enough for me! My middle child is 6. He has autism and does not speak. But lately, we are starting to hear a few things from him. The other day he said "excellent" and I threw a little party right then and there! On Saturday we were at Toys R Us. We were looking at Toy Story toys and there was a miniature set that he has always loved to look at. I handed it to him and he said "Please want.... please want...." I was so excited that I called my mom right there and then tried to get him to say it again in the phone! We did get the Toy Story toys, but he doesn't know it. It's going to be a Christmas gift from his big brother. I know that he will be so excited to open it! I'm excited for him to open it! My kids are my love and my insanity. It's a good thing they do these fun things every-once-in-awhile to remind me how cute they really can be! Now I'm off to go share a candy can with my monkey girl!


RaNae said...

Melissa I am so lucky to take these peeks into your life I am so blessed you are my friend.
Hugs RaNae

Melissa said...

I am so glad that you enjoy this!! I always look forward to reading your responses! I think you and Shirlee are the only ones that read it... and that is okay. I'm enjoying getting to know you more!! :) Thanks for being here in this crazy cyber space! See ya tomorrow ;) Hugs

shirlee said...

My 14 yr old is autistic and I remember the first time he said "wood". We used to camp a lot when the kids were little and he blurted it out and his Dad and I were so excited. He didn't say it again for many years. He talks a lot now even though we need a translator for a lot of it. :)

Melissa said...

Shirlee -
I missed this comment... how did I do that? I know that thrill of hearing a word or two! I have high hopes that Jake will be able to talk to us one day!