Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Snitch
This is a picture of my dh and baby girl, also known as, the snitch. We have been married for almost 9 years. Every year dh has talked about how fun it would be to have a RC airplane. But, each year we have not had the money and there was always something else that was needed. But not this year. This year I wanted to surprise him with a very simple RC plane. So, I loaded baby girl into the car and off we went. The first store I went into I was not impressed. I felt like the guy I was working with wasn't being very honest with me. So, I went to another hobby shop and had success in finding what I was looking for. Now, the entire time we are shopping I am explaining to baby girl that this is a surprise. We don't tell Daddy about the airplane. I had her help me wrap it all the while telling her that we can't tell Dad. I thought she had it figured out. But then dh came home from work and I hear her sweet little voice saying, "Daddy look - it's your present. It's a airplane." AACK! All my planning and plotting! At first, I don't think he understood what she was pointing at or talking about. I had stuck the box behind the tree in the corner because it was quite large. So, she took him around the tree and said "See, there it is. Your airplane." Sigh. On Christmas morning dh jokingly asked "What could this be?" And there she was... the snitch saying, "Daddy, that's your airplane!" I chuckled and made a mental note (for the 10,000th time since we got the plane) not to take her shopping with me ever again! She is my golden snitch!


RaNae said...

Awww how precious awww the lil booger so did dh like it?

Melissa said...

lol - she is a stinker! Yes, dh LOVED the plane! So it was still a great gift... I just wanted it to be a surprise :) Maybe next year