Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Spirit
I am lacking in Christmas Spirit this year. Usually I'm feeling the warm fuzzy glow about this time. And I'm not even stressed out this year! My shopping is done. I finished my wrapping tonight. Christmas cards are out. I'm working on getting goodie plates done for neighbors. Everything is falling into place nicely. And yet, I'm just not feeling it. Perhaps it's the craziness that is surrounding me. I live in a warm area. And every winter the snow birds come here to get away from the cold. So, there has been a HUGE influx of people. And now this city seems busy, crazy, and almost insane. Nothing against the snow birds, it just means that there are a lot more people around these days. Maybe I don't feel the Christmas Spirit because of the weather. I can't say that I love having snow for 6 months out of the year (I grew up in Idaho... and that happened on occasion). But, there is something wonderful about watching the snow. Unless it is a raging blizzard, it usually comes softly and just kind of floats down. In Oregon we would get rain in the winter. It made everything seem filthy because of the mud. If it did snow then it would make everything seem clean and pure. It's such a perfect analogy for this time of year. Our Savior came to the earth, not with fanfare and parades... but softly, quietly. He came to cover our muddy spots with His clean and pure love. Maybe I'll cut out some snowflakes from paper this week and hang them around the house. Perhaps I'll even write a blessing on each one. Maybe this will help me feel the true Spirit of the Season.

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RaNae said...

R we living the same life this year? I was making a blog {that I lost grrr } this morning that was talking about it being warm here and how bummed I am- probably a good thing I lost it because it wasn't really captureing my true feelings but once again you did.. it just amazes me how different 5 hours south is... I mean I lived in OK for 20 years - that isn't the NY I grew up in but right now as I sit here with my windows open and temps in the low 80's I'd take Tulsas Cloudy and crisp days and know that I had snow to look forward to more than likely sometime between Oct and March.... here I wonder if it will even be cool on Christmas ... and then well it shouldn't really matter I should think of Gods Love for all Creatures Great and Small at this time of year... thanks for touching my heart once again M
Hugs R