Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I love to try out new crafts. Of course, most of my crafts look like they came out of a kindergarten class room. Not always well put together, but lots of heart went into it! I have more fabric than one person should probably be allowed to have. I have boxes of flowers and craft supplies! And for some reason, I like to buy craft items. Maybe it's so that if I ever get the urge to do something crafty, I will have all of the supplies right at my fingertips. That way I don't have to drag my kids out shopping at a craft store - which, by the way, is one of the most horrible places to take small children!! I like to picture things in my head and then attempt to make it look right. Sometimes, it works and other times it's a complete disaster. Now, I am not one of those super crafty gals. I can't paint or draw anything with great detail. Stick figures are my best work and I now LOVE the new vinyl lettering so that I don't have to try and make my own writing look legible. My sewing skills are fairly limited. I have made several quilt tops, but I hate quilting. Kind of a strange thing about me... so, I sold the tops at a yard sale. I kind of regret selling one of the tops, but that's okay. I can make another! My DH thinks I'm crazy to go through all the work of piecing a quilt top together and then sticking it in a box or selling it at a yard sale. Maybe I am crazy! In fact, I'm almost positive that I am! I've also made some pajama pants, but that is the extent of my sewing skills. I like to do floral arrangements, but have never taken a class. I think I'll just keep plugging away at my craft skills. Maybe one day I'll be a super crafty gal! And all my projects will look professional... till then, could you pass the Elmer's glue?


RaNae said...

Kuddos to you and your sewing skills.. I long to someday do a quilt top but haven't gotten past the basic pillow and curtain panel LOL.
Your crafty friend

shirlee said...

I like to buy craft related items so that when I decide to do something I'll have the materials. It doesn't matter if I'll get to it sooner or later (usually much later), I just need to know that I have the stuff. Crafting isn't really about getting it to look professional, it's more about the creativity and making something with your own two hands. You must be pretty crafty if you can quilt.

Melissa said...

RaNae - quilting isn't as hard as it looks... I was very intimidated at first, but it's not bad at all! There is a website called The Quilters Cache. It just gives the directions on how to do one block and each block is rated on difficulty. Let me know if you'd like the link sometime :)
Shirlee- I agree... just being creative is the fun of doing crafts. And all of my quilts are really simple. Nothing fancy. The kind where sewing a straight line is the only skill you really need :D