Saturday, December 06, 2008

My children don't believe in sleeping in. I think they are under the misconception that sleeping in will do them severe bodily harm. Does anyone know how to convince them otherwise? Little Bug was ready for the day to start at 5:00 this morning. Everyone else was up by 6:00. Don't they realize all of the things I have to do today? And now I will have to accomplish those things on a limited amount of sleep. You'd think that they'd figure out that I don't function well when I'm sleep deprived.
Our first thing is already done. Hubby got out the door to take the LSAT test for law school. He has put a lot of time into studying and preparing. I'm sure he will do really well on this test.
Items number two on our list is a hike. Several months ago I signed our little family up to go on a hike with the Autism Society. They chartered buses to take us to the destination. They have had a lot of people bail out for this activity. I don't feel like we can and I don't really want to. I've never seen the canyons they are taking us to and I really want to go. It will be a little crazy just me and the kids... but, uh, I can do it... I think.
After that we come home and get cleaned up. Then we have to make brownies and costumes for our church Christmas party. They want everyone to come dressed in clothes from "ancient times". Specifically, Book of Mormon times. Then we have to be to the church by 5:30.
To top it off, we're waiting for news on Hubby's dad. My FIL has been in the hospital for some tests. We're waiting for answers and hopefully we will have some soon.
It's going to be busy. Very busy. Oh, and tomorrow? We'll tomorrow I'll be 32 years old! I plan on taking it pretty darn easy tomorrow. That should make up for the craziness of today, right? Well, we're going to take a hike (ha!). Have a fantastic weekend!


Kristina P. said...

Happy early birthday!!

Tonya said...

If you figure out how to get your kids to sleep in, will you explain it to my kid?

Happy early Birthday!!

flip flop mama said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!

Yvonne said...

Well, since I'm writing this on Sunday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 32--you are soooooooooooo young ; )

I hope your hubby did well on the LSAT.

Hope the hike went well. Good job on not bailing out--those things are tough to do alone, but you are right YOU CAN!!!

We had our Ward Christmas party last night, too. Ours was delicious and great fun--hope yours was, too.

Hope the tests are good on your FIL.

Amber said...

I think the hike will be wonderful and this is the time of year I'm jealous of you for being able to hike. And happy birthday to you, dearie. I can barely even remember my 32nd birthday. :-)

Adena and Greg said...

Happy birthday! How does he think he did on the LSAT?

diana said...


you will post to let us know how hubby did on his l-stats, how you FIL is doing, how your hike was (with pictures, please), and of course we want to see your costumes for the Christmas party.

hope you had a nice birthday.

Tausha said...

Happy happy happy birthday! Hope that you were able to take a nap and eat a sweet treat and just enjoy being 32-that is until your children who don't sleep in-YELL MOM! Then it's back to work for you Birthday Girl!!!!

kailani said...

Wow, I don't know if I do that much in a week! LOL!

Hope FIL gets good news!

Kimberly said...

Please don't hate me, but Emma got up at 7:45am today and I was mildly being woken up early.


Good luck with all the craziness!

Summer said...

I can't get my kids to sleep in either! Every day they're up by 5:30!

I hope you had a wonderful birthday!