Friday, December 12, 2008

Have You Ever...
It's that time again. Time for me to post odd random things that are perhaps a bit weird in the hopes that some of you can relate just a bit. Thus making me feel a little less like a total weirdo.
Without further ado...
Have you ever...
... decided not to send out Christmas cards and then changed your mind last minute and scrambled to gather addresses and get them out the door? (If you'd like a card, I'd love to send one... email me your address)
... entered a contest on this blog? (Please be aware that this woman writes in SATIRE... everything is supposed to be silly and fun, NOT taken seriously)
... taken your kids shopping and given them hints of things your spouse can get you for Christmas?
... made a big decision and then felt really unsure of yourself?
... hiked in an area and hoped that you'd be able to go back again soon only to find out that the field trip you signed up to go on with your son's class is going to the same place? (I really love it up there and can't wait to go again)
... had a child change their minds 100 times about what they want from Santa this year?
... moved ornaments around on your tree because you hate having "holes" in the decor?
... watched a Barbie Christmas Carol?
... bought a gift for your spouse and then second guessed yourself... but can't do anything about it because you bought said gift in another state (Idaho)?
... been financially irresponsible during the holidays (ahem)?
... gotten a head cold right before you are supposed to sing in a program?
... hit the "spellcheck" button and felt a sense of joy as it said "no misspellings found"?
Okay... I think that's it for now. If you can identify with any of these items, please, let me know. It will make me feel a bit less lonely :)


Yvonne said...

O.K. Here goes:

I'm ALWAYS late with my Christmas cards (when I do them).

I'm rarely sure of myself when I make decisions--especially the big ones.

My kids always seem to change their minds ; )

Hate holes in the tree.

Financially irresponsible ALWAYS

Get lots of colds but NEVER been asked to sing in a program, so not a problem.


Heather said...

I'm even a fan of TAMN on Facebook, if you can believe that!

Hate holes in the trees, ALWAYS second guess myself especially on Jer's gifts.

Kristina P. said...

Oh, I need to enter her giveaway! My computer was having issues this morning, and it froze up.

And I've never been irresponsible with my money. ;)

The Morris Fam said...

relate? oh yeah! i think it'll be new yrs cards this year!

Christy said...

Yes to almost all of those! I haven't seen the newest barbie movie, but I loved the very first one "Nutcracker". My daughter has outgrown the need to watch barbie movies, but she still plays with barbies like a couple times a week! Go figure!

And yes, let's swap christmas cards! send me your address to photofrenzy at cox dot net. I'll send you mine too... :) I just picked my cards up from Costco last night and I LOVE them!

Amber said...

I think that "Have you ever" could be taken right from my family's latest episodes. But I felt a strange peace in reading it. :-)

Kimberly said...

Good News: We're still twins. ~Hugs~

flip flop mama said...

Yes to most of those things, no to the Barbie Christmas Carol. :) You are not alone.

Tonya said...

I still haven't sent my cards. I'm financially irresponsible a lot of the times and not just the

diana said...

you crack me up...

i might still decide to do a christmas newsletter. i've kinda given myself a deadline of tomorrow (sunday).

and i have over spent in Christmas' past. not so this year.

wynne said...

EVERY YEAR I'm hoarse for the stupid singing programs, I swear. It's a holiday tradition!

There are probably a bunch more that I relate to--but that one was at the bottom and it was fresh in my mind and I don't think I'm gonna go back and look for more. (I don't want to own up to my financial stupidities.)

wynne said...

Oh, and I kinda tricked my son into asking Santa for ONE thing. There are so many things he'd love to have, you know? So I went in the store with him, actually bought an item I knew he would like, and he saw it in the cart. I told him we were buying it for his friend. He said he really wanted one, too. I told him maybe he should write to Santa, because he couldn't have this one. And suddenly, because the toy was unattainable, there was nothing he wanted more. So as soon as we got home he wrote a letter and asked for that one item, and I immediately put it in an envelope, and we mailed it the next day. He's completely sold on it--he really wants that toy, and that's what he wants Santa to bring him.

I feel so...manipulative.