Thursday, December 18, 2008

Randomly Random
Who doesn't love a completely random meandering post? I can't seem to gather enough thoughts to write a real blog post right now... sorry!
  • Thanks so much for all the well wishes yesterday! Apparently I had a 24 hour bug because I feel great today. Yesterday was so miserable. I woke up and felt like someone was jabbing two knives into the back of my head. Then we had the dizziness, dry heaves and fevers. Fun stuff! But, Hubby was able to take Baby Girl to work with him for awhile. So, I was able to rest and SLEEP! I think that helped more than anything.
  • I'm doing a major cop-out for gifts for teachers this year. I bought a Barnes and Noble gift card for the classroom. I never know what to get teachers, but I would think that they could always use new books, right? It was just going to be too expensive to buy everyone a gift... Little Bug has 8 people that work with him in his class! Plus two bus drivers... so the classroom is getting a gift this year... is that really lame? Or do you think it will be okay?
  • I was grocery shopping and decided to smile at everyone I saw. Most people smiled back and even said "Hello" or "How are you?" But one kid ...grrr. He was probably about 16-17 and I gave him my best friendly grin. He stared at me, rolled his eyes and walked away. I am so not looking forward to having teenagers.
  • We didn't get snow in the valley, but our mountains got dumped on. Some areas got 2 feet of snow! I know that's not a lot to some of you Northern Folk, but around these parts, that's a pretty amazing storm. They have closed Interstates and Highways all over Southern California because of this freak storm.

  • We were at the mall today and I felt like I was at a weird street fair/carnival. Maybe it's just because I don't ever go to the mall, but all the people at the booths in the center kept trying to attack me! Every time I would walk past they would spring out from some hiding place and ask if I'd like to let them curl Baby Girl's hair (wait...what?) or try their newest lotion. I kept expecting someone to ask if they could guess my weight and birthday or see if I'd like to whack a mole and win a giant stuffed teddy bear...
  • Red wrote a sweet letter to Santa the other day. He asked Santa to use the "materials" from his gifts to make a really great gift for his brother and sister. Now, Red knows the truth about Santa, so I'm not sure if he was sucking up or just being really kind. I'm going to choose to believe he was being a sweetheart.
  • I haven't done laundry all week. My children will have to go to school naked tomorrow if I don't do something about it...
  • I think we are going to take the kids to see "The Tale of Despereaux" this weekend. Red and I both really loved the book and can't wait to see how it translates onto the big screen. Are there any other movies coming out for the holidays? We have two weeks off from school and I'm looking for ways to keep the troops entertained!

Well, I think that's it for now. I'm not sure how much I'll be posting in the next little while. I am hoping to get caught up on blog reading in the next few days though... I'm way behind. Till then, adieu!


Kristina P. said...

I think a B&N gift card for a teacher is a great idea! Can't go wrong there!

flip flop mama said...

Those people in the middle drive me nuts too. It actually reminds me of Mexico and how everyone is always in your face trying to sell you something. I feel like yelling, "I'll buy your stuff if I want and no amount of coercing and pressure is going to change my mind!" Okay, can you tell you hit a sore spot with me? LOL

Beth said...

I really lucked out with teacher gifts this year. School was cancelled today and tomorrow on account of the foot of snow we've received today. No Christmas parties, gift exchanges, or kids coming home with tons of junk!

Tonya said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.

I know what you mean about the scary vendors at the mall. They just don't take no for an answer.

My son and I are going to go see Despereaux this weekend too. I hope it's good.

Kimberly said...

I like these kinds of posts - but I never know which bit to reply to.

Love the gift idea!

And love the mall/carnival comparison. Bang on!

Adena and Greg said...

How I wish I only had snow on a far away mountain. Instead I have my own mountain of it in my front yard, back car, on my get the idea. *sigh*

Amber said...

I had to chuckle about the teenager. Here's the thing--I LOVE working with the youth but I'm not sure I'll love working with my own. :-)

diana said...

i love your random posts =)

so glad you're feeling better. i think despereaux looks good. marley and me comes out Christmas day and i think it looks good and a good family flick.

Nancy Face said...

I'm so glad your awful sickies only lasted 24 hours!

I think your classroom gift sounds like the PERFECT idea! Who could expect individual gifts for 8 people?

The good news is that some teenagers DO smile back...they're not all like that kid who rolled his eyes!

We got a teensy bit of snow on the very top of our mountain peaks that only lasted for a day, and I got excited about it! If we had the view you have of those gorgeous mountains, I'd never want to stop looking at it! :)

I've gotten REALLY good at ignoring those mall people who attack me...or just smiling and saying "No, thanks!"

Red's letter sounds sweet! :)

I stayed up late and washed pants Thursday night so my son wouldn't have to go to school in shorts!

The previews looked great...I want to see that! :)

Yvonne said...

I'm sorry were sick--but glad it only lasted 24 hours.

I think the gift card is a great gift--books for the classroom are always appreciated.

I do not like being attacked at the mall and get very annoyed.

Teenagers really are fun ; )