Saturday, February 16, 2008

1st update: So... it's 8:27 and I'm still at home. Hubby got a call last night and there is a couple in our ward that is separating. She needs help moving a few things out. So, he's going to go and help. And stuff. Sigh. I'm glad he is able and willing to help when and where he can. But you have no idea how many times these service days have come on days that I've been out and about enjoying the day.
I will still get out... it just might not be till Monday. And I'm taking Baby Girl. I think we are going to have a girly girl day. You see, I have a cousin (Hi Mandy!) who takes her girls out for pedicures! It looks like so much fun... and Baby Girl loves to have her toes painted. So, we are going to get hair cuts and pedicures! I hope it will be fun... I'll let you know how it goes....
2nd update: The Pinewood Derby... sigh. It's a good thing I didn't go. I guess one of the leaders was a little... um... overzealous about a few things. I know it would have made me mad. ANYWAY, Red's car did not win a single race. Not one. Apparently we have NO IDEA how to make a good Derby car. I guess he got a little sad, but really, overall did okay. And he did win a couple of prizes! He won "Most Realistic" and "Judges Favorite"! I guess that both of the judges were teachers :) They made the comment that they just HAD to pick Red's car because of their profession! He was pretty tickled about that.
3rd update: I think we're going to start planning another trip to DisneyLand. We got online and found out that there is a Southern California annual pass that we can get. It's a little bit less money than the 3 day park hopper ticket. There are a lot of blackout dates, but we wouldn't want to go during any of those times anyway! It probably won't be till this fall, but we're already plotting and planning our way back!
Well, that's about it for us today. I'll give another update if Baby Girl and I end up going out later today or if we wait till Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!


Lauren said...


Lauren said...

I have never had a pedicure...I should convince my mother of this girly girl date thing. How wonderful of you to mention it! :)

Get the Disneyland pass!!

Tonya said...

The Disneyland pass sounds great.

Pedicures are awesome. I'm sure you guys will have a blast.

I have never done a Pinewood derby but the car is super cute. Errr, I mean cool.

diana said...

you didn't update us on how you were feeling. hope you're better.

will the pass get you in to california adventure? there's some cool rides over there, too. if i lived in southern california, i would definitely have a pass. and i would go when it's least crowded. love that place - hate the crowds.

Jean Knee said...

I don't think I could let a stranger touch my feet. maybe

Holly said...

I haven't had a pedicure in forever. That sounds so nice.

Yvonne said...

Your hubby is a good man--and you are a wonderful wife to support him in his giving service ; )

I'm sorry about the Pinewood Derby--but so glad Red won a couple of awards. Good for him.

How fun for you and baby girl. Hope it's a fun day.

The So. California annual pass sounds great.

Jen said...

I love that little car. I feel certain that it had the most pizazz of any of them.

I just had my first pedicure around New Years, and it was delightful.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Pinewood Derby always brings out the crybaby in the boys. My Papi told our son he better not even sniffle when he loses at stuff and to soak it up and learn how to improve for the next time.

Okay, it aggravates me that most of the dads we know are engineers and they totally take over and make these super fancy cars for their kids instead of letting the kids do it for themselves.

You know which car won a lot of races? One kid who isn't very active and all he did was put the wheels on the unpainted block of wood. His "car" smoked a lot of the fancy aerodynamic models much to my amusement.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

My older girls painted my nails and toes black two weeks ago. Some moms are cool enough to pull the black nail polish look off. I am not one of those moms.

Nancy Face said...

The girly girl date sounds like so much fun! :)

I'm so glad Red won those awards...his car looked AWESOME! :D

I have never wanted to live in southern California...except when I'm coveting those cheap annual Disneyland passes! :0