Sunday, February 10, 2008

Guest Post

So this is what happens when you tease your wife about how much time she spends blogging. You end up writing a post so that she doesn't lose some big challenge about posting every day while she "sufferingly" takes a day off. She said I should just write about whatever. Her mistake.

So it all started about 11 years ago with a shy and devilishly handsome young man standing outside a college dorm room trying to muster the courage to ask a certain young lady out on a date. When all of a sudden Mejojac, or Mejoly as she was then known, peeks out of the room across the hall and yells "Come on, get a spine you wimp and just ask her out!!". Well as you can imagine I was immediately endeared to Mejoly's charm, not to mention she was pretty easy on the eyes. So I decided to ask her out instead, after all she had already broken the ice.

We commenced dating and I was soon introduced to this underworld of strange music and mosh pits in run down houses on the bad side of town. Although I still like some of that old music I will always have a problem with the 'Skankin Pickle'. You might think she is this sweet innocent thing but back in the day they used to call her 'Moose' and she has a certain affinity for motorcycle gangs. There was a time when she used to hang out with bikers and all sorts of transient types. She would just stop them in the middle of the road and chat! Anyway, I rescued her from all that nonsense and domesticated her. She may never forgive me.

One thing you must understand about me is that I'm hopelessly dull. I try to be more exciting but I always get distracted along the way. Simple minds, simple pleasures. So after we got married I decided to surprise her by decorating our apartment. Well she was a good sport about it but I could tell it just didn't cut the mustard. I had all of our pictures hanging at the same height all around the room equidistant from one another. It was very orderly but not "fun" enough. So I decided that the only other way to get more excitement in her life was to have a bunch of kids. Again, not the excitement she was probably looking for but as always she's been a trooper.

Getting desperate to add more excitement to her life I've decided that every few months we should pack up and move. Sometimes it's for a new job, others it's just for the heck of it. Strike three, and hence this blog. She seems to have found her needed excitement in sharing our life experiences with a bunch of total strangers. This distresses me to no end, but she enjoys it so I try to bite my lip and go along with it. And as you can see she has devised a clever new plan to stop me from complaining too much. So it is likely that when she is finally fed up with my griping again you'll probably see another post from me. In the mean time Moose Junior is begging me to come and watch her blow bubbles. "Please daddy, please, please, please, please . . ." When did I become such a softy.


Jean Knee said...

you romantical softie. That Melissa's a lucky girl (and I'm not being snarky)

Magirk said...

*You're very forebearing.* :)

Loved the post! Not as good as Melissa's posts. OBVIOUSLY. :D (ha, ha)

But not too bad, son. Not too bad. ;)

j/k - it was awesome!!

But I do miss Melissa. :( Hope she's feeling waaaaaaay better!

Kimberly said...

Oh my, that was brilliantly written! Seriously! I'm giggling like mad here.

I so don't believe the bit about the motorcycle gangs though. Come on!

Love'n'hugs to Melissa!

JustRandi said...

What fun! And what a selfless gift. The gift of the post.

I think this is what I want for Valentine's day. Could someone email The Brain?

Tell Melissa I hope she's up and around soon. Good job!

Yvonne said...

How sweet. I loved this.

I'm sure telling you, Melissa's hubby, what a great wife you have is totally unnecessary because obviously you know. However, his total stranger just wants you to know how much joy she brings into my life by sharing her thoughts on life and a peak into your life, as well.
Thanks for sharing her with the rest of us.

Kris said...

What a fun post! I don't know that I even knew all of that, and I'm her sister!!! Thanks for sharing! I miss you guys!

crazydaisygirl said...

This is a comment for a post a few days ago... about the lurkers. I must admit I've been lurking. (It's Diana, from high school...remember me?) I'm quite new to the blogging world, so just recently started reading your blog. It's been fun to read yours. My blog, which isn't nearly as exciting as yours, is

Summer said...

I love that you guys met that way. That's awesome!

Heather said...


Amber said...

Tooooooo funny. But "shy and devilishly handsome?" I can't say I have heard her use those descriptors. Well, maybe the devil was in there. :-)

diana said...

great job, dear sweet husband of moose, um, i mean mejojac. maybe you should write more often - or, *gasp*, start your own blog.

i'd tell you to give my best to melissa, but i have a feeling that she's reading this herself.

get well melissa - you have a date with with the world famous mouse!

Holly said...


melissious said...

That was too funny. Maybe I should get my dear husband to write a post. Poor thing can barely put together a coherent sentence, though. The English majors out there would probably be itching for their red pens with all the are/our, there/their/they're, to/too mistakes (to name a few.)
So, well done - for a husband.

Nancy Face said...

My hub walks in the door from work, and I say, "Go read my new post!" He goes and reads it, and then I ask, "Did you leave me a comment?" If he has not yet done so, he goes and does it. Ah, such togetherness! I'm pretty sure that's as far as it will go...I don't anticipate ever inviting him to do a guest post, haha! :D

Excellent job, Husband of Mejojac!