Sunday, September 02, 2007

School. Starts. in. TWO. DAYS!!!
I am so excited I can hardly stand it! My kids are excited too! I have many reasons for my joy, but the big one right now is our neighbor boy. Now, there are quite a few kids in the neighborhood, but a lot of them have divorced parents and are staying with the other parent for the summer. Except the kid that I wish would go away. This kid makes me mad. He comes over, asks Red to play till someone better comes along. Then he tells Red to "Go home now. We're done." and takes off. He even had the nerve to play with the new kid IN OUR YARD after telling Red to get lost! When Red tries to play with them, they ignore him. This kid is also a liar. Don't know how many whoppers he's told me. He has also tried to talk Red into eating mushrooms that were growing in someones yard. Psycho kid told Red that he had eaten them before and that they weren't poisonous. Now, maybe they weren't poisonous, but we live in a neighborhood with a pretty strict HOA. Bug and weed spraying are very common. So, even if they weren't poisonous, there's a good chance they had been sprayed with something that is. So, summer is over. The kids that were gone will be back soon. And Red will be in school. With his friends that like him for who he is, they don't want to kill him through poisoning, don't lie to him and want to play with him no matter who else comes around. YEAH FOR SCHOOL!!


Tracey said...

Ugh. Glad we don't have one of those kids in our neighborhood. I grew up with a less than desirable friend, though. And I know the problems of having a small choice of close-by friends to choose from. YAY for school!

kailani said...

That kid is scary! Hope he goes away and never comes back!

Jean Knee said...

we have some kids in our neighborhood like that too. they never tried to poison Lean though

we've even had them play with Lean's toys while excluding her

Katkat said...

Wow! Thanks heavens for school. Ours started last week.

Yvonne said...

Kids can be so cruel. I'm glad the other kids in the neighborhood will be home soon.

Just think--only one more day until school starts. Yippee!!!

Anonymous said...

that's so rotten how he treats red. so not fair. sorry he has to endure this.

i like to think this "what goes around comes around." people get back what they give ... eventually. it all works out .. sometimes just takes forever but it all works out. out of our hands.

better day today,