Friday, September 14, 2007

Rolaids Spell R*E*L*I*E*F
Have you ever been in a situation where your heart just fell into your stomach?
The filter on our pool died last night. Okay. Not a big deal.
This morning I went out to the van to get something and noticed a puddle of water by the deep freeze. Didn't think anything of it. Why? Too tired to have it register. (Remember the barking dog from the previous post).
Anyway, fast forward to this evening. We were headed out to grab a few things at Costco and the puddle had gotten bigger. I was more awake and it registered - deep freeze is THAWING. I open it and it sounds like a waterfall in there. Water is dripping everywhere and some of our things are no longer frozen. GRRR!! Nothing had spoiled but I was frustrated. I buy extra bread, tortillas, cheese, meat and fruit whenever I can and then I freeze it. I've lost that storage!
Now, my brain feels like it's wading through sludge right now, but slowly, every so slowly it dawned on me that these two items died around the same time. I had Hubby go out and check the breakers. He messed with it a little, but said it didn't look like anything had been tripped. He flipped the one for the outside outlets anyway, just in case. I went into the garage and noticed that the outlet has a surge protector on it. I pushed the little button and then listened as my deep freeze sprang to life! HURRAH! Then Hubby went out and plugged the filter in.... and it worked! HURRAY HURRAH! I know it's silly, but the relief I felt was so fantastic and overwhelming! Actually, the surge of emotions has left me feeling quite exhausted. I think I might have to send Hubby out for some peanut M&M's or a Snickers bar or something! And apparently I should have been an electrician. Cause I'm so good at that wiring and electric-y stuff ;)


Yvonne said...

I'm so glad it wasn't anything major. Also glad nothing has spoiled in your freezer.

That definitely calls for peanut M&M's or a snickers or heck anything chocolate, but then again anything calls for chocolate ; )

Nancy Face said...

WOW! I'm impressed, you electrical genius woman you!!! So glad you didn't have to spend a munch of, a bunch of money fixing stuff! That definitely calls for a good peanut M&M's or Snickers celebtration! :D

mcewen said...

that is too silly - not the breakers, but how you feel when you [I] manage to connect the dots and the feeling of relief that comes with it wipes me out too!
Best wishes

Tonya said...

I'm toasting your brilliant-ness with my chocolate milk glass raised high!!

Dedee said...

Yikes and yes, chocolate is called for.

At all times!

Anonymous said...

yay melissa!! happy for you that you don't have to replace everything. ch-ching lots of money that you didn't have to spend, yay, glad for you for that.

and you make my heart skip when you say M&Ms and snickers (my two favorites, too). like awesome tonya said, i also lift my chocolate milk glass to you today as well.

take care friend,
come and see me when you can :) kathleen

Kimberly said...

Definitely an exhausting experience.

Electric-y. You're so cute.

Amber said...

The filter died, eh? Are you sure there isn't something living in there that wants to escape? I saw it on Nemo; I know all the inner workings now.

Jean Knee said...

you rockin electric girl you!

Holly said...

Isn't it nice when it's something you can figure out! It definitely calls for chocolate!

Lisa said...

This same thing happened to me recently--it had become unplugged when someone (a kid) pulled a chair off of a shelf next to it. I was so relieved!! (even though I did have to trash everything.)