Monday, September 10, 2007

Tomboys vs. Girlie Girls
I am at a loss. Baby Girl is turning into a girlie girl and I'm not quite sure how to take care of a girlie girl! You see - I'm a tomboy. I like snakes and frogs. I was the owner of two lizards at one point in time. When I was a kid, I loved dinosaurs so much that my parents planned a vacation around my obsession - and it was awesome! I did play with dolls, but my dolls were tough creatures. My Barbies parachuted off of our swing set and rescued Ken from his latest mishap (he was always getting into trouble). I got toy cars and trucks as gifts. I remember dressing up, but not too much. All through high school I wore big t-shirts and boys jeans. Why? Because that's how I was comfortable. And that was what was most important to me. I brushed my hair, but that was about it. And make-up?? Who cared about make-up? I don't think I really started wearing make-up till I got in college. I could hang with the guys and I liked it that way. So, when my boys came on the scene, I knew what to do! And it was so much fun to see them pick up a lot of the same likes that I had as a kid.
Enter my little Princess. Usually she's a good mix of both. She loves her dresses, but she's usually packing around a plastic snake or a dinosaur. But lately... well, lately she is a girlie girl. She wouldn't go to church without her toenails painted. She gets up in the morning and wants to wear a dress. She likes things in her hair and she loves to cuddle her dolls. I'm not sure what to do with this child! Doesn't she want to go look for lizards in the back yard? No. She wants to smell the flowers and watch the butterflies. Doesn't she want to play with the cars? No. She wants to get out the dolls and the castle and play "Your Majesty" (that's really what she calls it). Wouldn't she LOVE to look at a dinosaur book? No. She wants to read "Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses". I feel like I can't relate to this child! I guess I need to get in touch with my inner Princess. Actually, I'm not sure that I have an inner princess! I think a dragon may have eaten her a long time ago.
(Oh, and the blog look will change soon... why? Because it's TOO GIRLIE for me!!)


Yvonne said...

I can SO IDENTIFY with you. I was one of 6 girls and ended up being the son my dad never had. I was always into sports--not so much into spiders and lizaards, but loved to climb trees, etc.

Hey look at all the great things you're doing to help your little princess--the beautiful princess dress, not to mention the tiara. That's the beauty of parenting--each child is so different.

I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE. Thanks for the great post.

Holly said...

I'm one of 4 girls. No brothers. My dad raised us to be independent and self-sufficient. My favorite place as a child was our tree, I would climb it and hide in the trees as I read my books.

I have boys for a reason. Except for the snake part.

Tonya said...

I think you should embrace your inner princess. She is probably just locked in the tallest tower of the castle which is of course gaurded by a fierce dragon. She's been waiting for you to repel in and rescue her.

I think it's possible to be a nice mix of both. I like to think that I walk down the middle between tomboy and princess (Queen I mean). I don't mind getting dirty in the mud and playing cars, trucks, knights and whatever else with my son but I do enjoy a good manicure and pedicure and girl day at the spa.

Go for it girl!!

Puerto Rican Princess said...

I am and forever will be a girlie girl.

Wait, that's not exactly true. I love to camp and ski and mix it up with the boys and summer days without any makeup? Great.

But I do love doing the girlie scene with my girls. I love pedicures and spa days (not that they ever happen) and I think the balance is to just pick one or two things and run with it. If she loves to get her toes painted, make every Tuesday "Toenail Tuesday" and do hers for her. The one-on-one time you'll get in return will be so worth it!

Come to think of it, I may start Toenail Tuesday at my house!

Great post!

Summer said...

I seriously could have written the first half of your post (all except the owning two lizards), though I did catch lizards in my grandparents back yard. That and snails and frogs. I was such a Tom Boy.
I still like to do all my tomboyish things, but I've also learned how to dress up and be more feminine. And I don't hate pink anymore. It's actually a very nice color, when not used in excess. =)

Jean Knee said...

I like girly and boyish things.
you do have an inner princess, she is just like princess Fiona, that's all

do some stuff she likes then some stuff you like. or make your hubs do the girly stuff

kailani said...

I'm just the opposite. I don't know how to relate to boys. Send your little girl over here! hee hee

Dedee said...

I can give your daughter a "tea" party if you want. I'm super good at those.

I do like snakes though.

Good luck on learning how to relate. I like the Tuesday Toenail day idea.

diana said...

i think a little girl can have the best of both worlds. she's lucky to have a mother who is more tomboyish. you can give her balance. just don't squash her personality. let it blossom to whatever it may become. she will give you balance, too.

Nancy Face said...

My daughter is SUCH a girlie girl, she is worried that she will some day be the mom of a tomboy, and not have a clue how to relate to her, haha! I loved this post! :D

Nic said...

lmbo...I think your inner princess and mine went out to pick tulips and get their nails done and never did make it back home. ah well, they're bound to show up one of these days.