Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Made It...
It's over. I'm done. Tuesday has 20 minutes left in it and then... a nice and easy Wednesday. Red came home and did homework. That was a struggle. Mostly because he asks for help and I have no clue what the heck it's talking about. For example: he was supposed to find all the mistakes in a paragraph and then mark them using these symbols... if there was a letter that was supposed to be capitalized, you draw three lines under it. Wha....???? Anyway, I had to read and reread it to figure it out. And we won't even talk about the numeric portion of his homework. I'm so glad that he is good at math because in about one more year, I won't be able to help him with any of it.
After homework I got ready for back to school night. It was wonderful. Little Bug's teacher is fantastic. She thinks that Bug is so sweet and such a cutie. Which means I really liked her. Anyone who loves my kids is a-okay in my book. She is working a lot with his teacher from last year. So, he has a familiar face along with some new ones. I think that has really helped with his transition into the new year. Should be another good year for him!!
Red went to Scouts and then to a friend's house. I'm gonna call this kid ND - that stands for "non-dude". This is the friend that does NOT say "dude" every other word. Red and ND are getting along so well! They have a lot of fun together. ND has been invited for a sleep over this Friday. We'll see how that goes.
Enrichment... well...it was a great evening. Wonderful class... great treats (patting myself on the back...) but we had a pretty poor turnout. Hopefully next month will be a little better.
On the way home from the church I felt so good to be done. DONE! I put a CD in, turned it up and sang my heart out! Oh... it felt so good! Tomorrow we will go and have lunch with friends. Just a laid back visit. The kids will run around and play, we will visit and just hang out. And that's it. That is all I have planned. Doesn't that sound heavenly?


Katkat said...

Today is p;laygroup for us too. I'm so glad I need some mommy time too.lol I'm not looking foward to when my son has homework either.

Dedee said...

Glad you made it through crazy day!

For some reason yesterday the whole template wasn't coming up. Now that it's coming up I can read your blog now. Yippee!!!

Tonya said...

See, we told you that you could do it. I'm glad everything went well.

I'm not looking forward to the day my child comes home with homework that I can't help with and yes, that day will come. I know that "I'm not smarter than a 5th grader" and I'm okay with it. LOL.

Yvonne said...

Just wait to your kids are in Grade 11 and come home with homework in Pre-Cal and you just look at it and laugh ; )

I'm so glad your day went well. Probably lots of sisters had back to school night.

Kimberly said...

I love the release that comes with singing your heart out! Sounds like a lovely end to a stressful day.

Sympathies on the homework helping. The propspect of that really freaks me out. My math skills are almost nil, and while I pride myself on my literateness, I can't remember grammar rules to save my life!

JustRandi said...

Dude! That math tutor gets closer everyday. I'm in Yvonne's boat here.

And about your comment on my blog...I think people get your sarcasm. It's the stuff that's really mean that I'm talking about.

So glad your ucky day is over adn you can get on to the good stuff!

wynne said...

Well, congrats for getting through all that!

(And it sounds like Red's teacher is teaching him actual proofreading notations used in the...professional world? But why in school? After all, I never saw those kinds of marks until I was on the job (should have learned them in college, but I missed that class.))

diana said...

glad you made it through your day. maybe we have those kind of days just so we can enjoy the down time the next day. so i hope you enjoyed today, too.