Saturday, November 01, 2008

I'm back... sort of! We've had a really busy 2 weeks! Lots of fun, but lots of running around... let me give you a brief rundown...
  • Wednesday October 22: A friend from high school came for dinner. We had a great time visiting and catching up. I was so glad he was able to stop in!
  • Thursday October 23: A friend that used to live here in the valley came for a visit! Our kids played and had a ball. It was sad to say good-bye again, but we had a blast while they were here! (Come again any time Adena!)
  • Friday October 24: My parents arrived! WOOHOO!! Let the party begin!!
  • Saturday October 25: Clean up day at the school. My parents are so awesome. We gave them the option of staying home or coming to help. They both rolled up their sleeves and went to work! Mom and I went shopping that afternoon to gather supplies for Little Bug's birthday and for a youth Halloween party Hubby helped with.
  • Sunday October 26: Little Bug's Birthday! My boy is 8. He is such a blessing in our lives! We had a pretty mellow day. We opened gifts and ate cinnamon rolls (L.B. is not a fan of cake in general). We also did family pictures (which I will blog more about later...)
  • Monday October 27: Made chili and got last minute details for costumes for a party at our church. The kids had a blast and came away with TONS of candy. Dentists must really love this time of year...
  • Tuesday October 28: Shopping! Playing! General frivolity! The kids picked activities, the grandparents complied. It was a fantastic day for the kids and their Grandma and Pop Pop to just spend time reading and being together. We usually plan so much in every time they visit, they don't get a lot of down time to just hang out.
  • Wednesday October 29: The San Diego Zoo was calling our names! We walked all over that place and had a wonderful time. Then we headed to Oceanside to dip our toes in the water and build our traditional sand sea turtle.
  • Thursday October 30: MORE SHOPPING!! Had to go out again! Baby Girl and Pop Pop stayed home and played every board game we own. Then they played the Wii and I think they both really enjoyed that. That afternoon Red played the piano for them and that evening Alan and I went on a date! A REAL DATE! It was fantastic!!
  • Friday October 31: Halloween! My parents decided they were going to scrub my house. They dusted, picked everything up, wiped down counters and vacuumed... which is how my Dad threw his back out. He has a bad back and he twisted just the wrong way. But, we did learn something new that I thought I'd pass a can make homemade ice packs that stay cold for a really long time and they are slushy - so they conform to your body giving you better icy coverage! We found two things that worked - dish soap or a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. The dish soap will freeze solid (at least, mine did) but it thaws fairly well and stays cold for a really long time. The rubbing alcohol and water (1 cup alcohol, 3 cups water) just stays slushy and, again, stays really cold! We just put it in Ziploc bags and it worked great! Anyway... back to Halloween... Little Bug HATES this holiday. He's not a fan of masks (they aren't supposed to wear them at the church party...) and he hates having people jump out and scare him. So, this is usually a pretty stressful day for him. He did well at school, came home and didn't want to leave again. We ordered pizza that night and Baby Girl, Hubby and I went out trick or treating. Red went with friends (he's too cool to go with us!). That night, after the kids were in bed, we watched "Emma Smith: My Story" and it was really good! I would recommend it!
  • Saturday November 1: Wait... it's November? This last month flew by... anyway... today is the day we pulled out the Kleenex. Time for my parents to go home. Baby Girl and Red cried. Little Bug screamed. I let a few of my own tears flow... sigh. It's always so fun to have them here and always so hard to see them go.

And there you have it. I have more to tell you, but it will have to wait. This post is getting long enough as it is! I hope your week has been fantastic! See ya in blog land!


Kristina P. said...

Sounds like a fun, whirlwind week!

Kimberly said...

Way to live your life! Woot!

Gotta say though, this new blog template is a my favourite evah! Love love love!

Anonymous said...

How many times can one Grandma read a Fancy Nancy book to her granddaughter? Sixty Squillion (thats fancier than A LOT!)!!! :o) Bonjour!! And loved it every time!!

kailani said...

It's always so sad when loved ones have to go home. :-( Hopefully they'll be able to visit again real soon!

Yvonne said...

Sounds like a really full week--but so great. I'm so glad your parents were able to come and visit. (Sorry about your dad's back) It's always so tough when they leave though.

Love San Diego Zoo.

Tracey said...

Dude, way to squeeze a jillion things into one post!!

diana said...

i'm glad you're sort of back and to hear of your adventures for the past couple of weeks. i love hearing how much you enjoy having your parents visit. not everyone feels that way when family come a visiting.

i also love the new look.

Tonya said...

Busy...that isn't the half of it. I'm tired just reading about it..LOL sounds like lot so fun. Good for you!

Adena and Greg said...

Sounds exciting and exhausting. I'm glad we were able to fit in there somewhere. We might be around a lot more often if certain plans go through. I
ll keep you posted!

Magirk said...

'Wait.... it's November?'

Hahahaha!! That's exactly how I feel about it. ;-)

You've been a busy lady! But it sounds like you've been having some fun too. Someone should be! Haha. ;-)

Nancy Face said...

Oh, you did so many wonderful things! It was great reading this post and catching up with you! :)