Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Lessons Learned
  1. Never buy jeans while bloated. Forget the fact that your last pair of jeans has a hole in a rather revealing place. You can wear capri's in Idaho till the bloating goes down. You will freeze, but just for awhile. Then, buy jeans that actually fit right.
  2. The shower at my in-law's house sits at about 5' high. I am 5'6". I will hit my head on the darn thing every time I'm there.
  3. The shower at MY parents house has no water pressure. It will always feel like a glorified spit bath.
  4. We get sick every time we go to Idaho. Every stinkin time.
  5. Staples are easier to take out than they are to put in Baby Girl's head.
  6. Talking about Christmas a month before it's actually here is a bad idea when there are children involved. It guarantees a month of begging and asking "Is it Christmas today? NOW can I open my presents??"
  7. P L M O W - those 5 letters, in that order, spell every word in the English language. Just ask Baby Girl.
  8. If you have a big day, where you have a lot of errands to run and cookies to make and programs to create, someone in your home will get sick. Very sick. And you will have to run errands, make cookies and create programs anyway.
  9. PLMOW. Yeah. That about says it all.


Magirk said...

Stupid jeans. Stupid, stupid jeans.

My In-Laws live in Idaho. Granted, it's where Napoleon Dynamite lives, but it's where my IN-LAWS live. Okay, my children don't get sick every time we go to Idaho. But I get sick every time we THINK about going to Idaho...

Holly said...

It's supposed to snow this week, and we are going to Rexburg THIS weekend. Want to come back up and visit?

Kimberly said...

Ouch. You must be soooo tired babe!

Tonya said...

LOL, you are funny.

Jeans can be evil, always remember that.

Hope the kidlets feel better soon.

Jennifer said...

You don't know me, but I found a link to your blog from my sister-in-law, Stephanie Ivey's blog. I just have to ask where/how you got such a cute Christmas layout? It's really fun!

Jessica said...

xpfnwz~That's how everything is spelled in our house! Too funny! I thought my child was the only smart one! Ü

Nancy Face said...

Wow...amazing stuff! I'm the same height as you. I have never been to Idaho. I hate getting holes in revealing areas of my jeans. I buy replacement jeans at the thrift store...if they're a mistake, I only lose a few bucks!

Nic said...

lmbo!! thanks for sharing those lessons...it's always much more fun for me to learn things vicariously. ;)

diana said...

lessons learned everywhere :]

why do you think you get sick every time? that wouldn't be fun and i would not look forward to going again.