Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Take on Twilight
I know that this will annoy many of you... but oh well... here I go. I don't think Bella should get EITHER of those boys! For a fictional character, she sure annoyed me! I felt like she was always complaining and pouting. They spoke of her being an "old soul". PSHAW! She was more like a tantruming toddler to me! I understand that she's a teenager and trying to figure life out. She's heartbroken most of the time and constantly being chased by vampires that want to destroy her. I can see where she would be terrified, BUT in so many ways she seems rather spineless. And selfish. And obnoxious. And shallow. Does she care about Edward, or his looks? It's kinda hard to tell sometimes... Towards the end of the third book I started to like her more, but not enough to feel like she should get to be with Edward OR Jacob. If I had to pick one though, I'd pick Edward... because I think Jacob deserves better. I hope he finds (or imprints on) someone who is kind and will love him the way he deserves to be loved. And Edward... well, I get tired of him running hot and cold. He has more mood swings than I do in full on PMS mode!
But, I did like the story. It was interesting and entertaining. I think Amber hit the nail on the head when she said, "Those books are like a drug--totally addictive but not all that rewarding!" Amen sister, amen! And so, like a druggie, I will read book four. And I will hope that Bella grows up just a bit.
Now, I know that this is a touchy subject for some, but who do you want Bella to end up with? Edward? Or Jacob? And why?


Christy said...

I pick Edward over Jacob - Edward is so old fashioned and curteous... Jacob is fun, but it bugged me that he tried to steal Bella away from Edward. I know why he did it, but I totally think in book four he will imprint on the only "girl" werewolf.... Jacob deserves to be happy, too! I really want book 4 to open "after" Bella has gone through the change and is adjusting to her new life... I think it would be fasicnating and I bet she'll eat her own words a lot... I think she underestimates how hard it's going to be for her to be a "vegetarian" vampire. I've listened to the first 2 books on audio and I love them in that format - the girl who reads them does a fantastic job!

Jumbo Shrimp said...

Yeah the books are so not rewarding! HAHA! But they were entertaining. I want Bella to end up with Edward for most of the same reasons you do. I really like Jacob but he kind of annoyed me that he was trying to steal her away from Edward. He does deserve better and yes Bella is whiny.

Yvonne said...

I have to admit I enjoyed the books. I am looking forward to the next one.

I am an Edward fan--not much of a Jacob fan. Why? Don't really know, he just bugs me.

Summer said...

Both of those boys have major issues and could do much better than Bella.
But if Bella ends up with somebody I'd rather it be Jacob.

tharker said...

Bella annoyed me a little bit, but I also have to remember that she is a 17 year old girl. She sees herself as this homely and plain girl and is totally caught off guard when this gorgeous dude takes an interest in her. I think she just has no idea of how to act. I don't think any of us did at that age. I think it's easy as adults to say that she's stupid and annoying, but let's face it, that's just because we have the hindsight that a teenager doesn't have.

I think she will figure it out. I want her to be with Edward. It also bugged me that Jacob tried to take her from Edward. I did not like the way that he acted in Eclipse. I thought he was manipulative, and selfish. But so was Bella. Anyway, I want her with Edward and hope that Jacob imprints on his "true love".

Can't wait for Breaking Dawn!

Holly said...

I think they can both do better than Bella. She has no redeeming qualities. None. Nada. And, the whole idea that "she's a teenager" is such a load of cr*p. Not every 17 year old girl is as shallow and petulant as she is, no matter what they've been through in their lives. Honestly, the only reason I've read beyond Twilight was that I hoped they'd get better. Eclipse was the best written of the bunch, but Bella doesn't improve. So, don't hold your breath on that account.

I think they're compelling to a point, but mostly entertaining. Nothing more. It's like chick-lit meets horror lite. Those who think they're the best books ever written, obviously don't read much! Meyer does have the ability to suck you in, but sometimes I wonder if it's because it takes her so long to get to any meat that you keep reading just to find it.

I'll read Breaking Dawn just so I can find out how it ends and I hope that Bella comes through in the end to be someone you actually care about. I think there is little chance that it will happen though.

Heather said...

Holly said it perfectly. And Tiff- SERIOUSLY- stop defending Bella or I'm gonna have to come over and kick you!

Kimberly said...

Haven't read 'em yet, but I won't be surprised if I feel the same way about it you do!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I never could really put my finger on why the books bugged me other than I am not a big romance novel lover. I think you hit the nail on the head. Bella is a big ole' whimp, whiner, woose. I like strong girl characters.
A couple of books I really liked for that reason are:
~The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. LOVE this book!!!! A LOT!
It is a childrens novel.
~The Novels by Shannon Hale. They all have some pretty great female characters. They are strong and have a backbone.
Which is how I would want to be portrayed in a book.

diana said...

i just won't be reading those books because i'm not a vampire type gal.

do you think you'll be going to see the movie when it comes out?

sariqd said...

Well... I think Edward is just sexy. That brooding persona - kinda makes a girl want to comfort him and ease his troubles. And that element of DANGER! BUT - if I WERE THE MAIN HEROINE in the book - I'd totally go for Jacob. Partly because he's warm (I'm always cold! lol!) and because he's tender and tries to do what's right. Not that Edward doesn't but he's so flamboyant and I like that Jacob is down to earth and can appreciate people on that level.

Annyyyywwaayyyyy.... just my two cents!

Nancy Face said...

I love the series, and can't wait for Breaking Dawn! I didn't enjoy New Moon until the end, because Jacob bugs the heck out of me! I love Edward!

Lauren said...

Ok, so I could say so much about Edward and why he is misunderstood by so many...but you can just visit

Seriously, he is the most misunderstood character ever written. That's why I am excited for people to read Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward's POV) so we can all see what he is going through.

I have to agree with EVERYONE...Bella is stupid. I have never liked her. Ever. She bugs...and is manipulative.

I will die if Bella and Edward don't end up together but Edward deserves someone who can love him, and only him.

Can you blame Edward for having so many mood swings when he is with to a girl like Bella? I rest my case haha.

Lauren said...

Oh, and I am positive Jacob will imprint. I am willing to bet I am right on with who he will imprint on too.

wynne said...

I think the number one rule about these books is:

1. Do not take them seriously.

2. They are fun, that is all.

What I can't figure out is WHY characters annoy everyone so much? Is Bella really that annoying? Is Jacob? Is Edward? Really? Why does this get under people's skins so much? Why do people CARE so much about who she ends up with?