Sunday, June 08, 2008

I don't know who it was, but I'd like to say thanks! Someone nominated me for a Bloggy Hoss award over at An Island Life! If you go to the spot marked "Nicest Personality" (aw, I'm blushin!) you'll find my name on that list! I sure would appreciate it if you'd give me a vote :) You'll have to use her contact form since there is a glitch in the poll voting. And scroll through the other categories... you might see a few blogs you recognize! Vote for them too while you're at it! And if you decide not to vote for me in the "Nicest Personality" category, may I suggest Diane from Sunshine on My Shoulders? She's a pretty darn wonderful gal! I'm sure the others are too... but if I can't win it, I would like to see her take home the honor of Bloggy Hoss Nicest Personality Award!
Some of you may remember when I was nominated last year for most talkative, but I didn't win... I did have fun making some great signs... like this one

Or this one...
Or my personal favorite... I'm sure that if I get some free time tomorrow (or maybe I'll just MAKE some free time) that I'll create a few more banners so that you can remember to vote for me! You have from now till the 12th.
It's not like there's been any BIG campaigns this year that you 're sick of ... vote for me!


diana said...

vote for diana... this is exactly why you deserve to win. YOU have the nicest personality and that's where my vote is going.

how ironic tho... you nominated me (right?) and we end up in the same category. you go girl!

Magirk said...

I told you, girl, I'd vote for you anytime! (And I just did. ;)

And BTW, I totally get your strategy to hold off until the last minute and get in and run as an independent. Very smart!

And if I don't see your name on the ballot, I'm just planning to write it in.

They'll all be wondering what hit 'em in November - like, 'who is this girl who came out of nowhere?' 'What in the heck does SHE know about running a nation??'

Buwhahahahahahahahaha!!! :D

Jumbo Shrimp said...

Awesome! I'll go vote right now!

kailani said...

You are hilarious! Love the signs!

Yvonne said...

I'm off to vote right now.

Love the banners.

JustRandi said...

I'll vote for you anyday!



Some kind soul nominated me for Class Clown.....up against I Am Bossy and Pioneer Woman. Yeah. We'll see how that works out. :)

Nancy Face said...

I voted for you! :)

Some kind soul nominated me for Most Athletic...I laughed, because I don't have a drop of athletic talent in my entire body! :D

I voted for myself anyway...and Yvonne...and Elastic! :)

What? The voting is supposed to be secret?