Friday, September 26, 2008

Every once in awhile AOL will have food quizzes. The questions range from guessing how many calories an item has to recognizing food without it's packaging.
Today's quiz was on breakfast cereal. By the way, why do people (such as myself) feel the need to put "breakfast" in front of the word "cereal"? Is there any other kind of cereal?
ANYWAY, today, I scored 18 out of 20. And I'm mad about the two that I missed because I knew the answer... just clicked on the wrong thing. So, then I took the snack cake quiz, hoping to redeem myself. Yeah... um... no such luck. I got 12 out of 20. Apparently I need to eat more snack cakes!
So, are you a cereal or snack cake guru? If you get a moment, take the quizzes and let me know how you did!
Breakfast Cereal Quiz
Snack Cake Quiz

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