Thursday, April 03, 2008

Deep Cleaning
So, I'm trying to get a few things cleaned up around the house and I need some help. I will never understand why people who own rentals paint it with FLAT PAINT! I have scuff marks and finger prints all over the place, but when I try to scrub it, the paint comes off too. I can get the markings off the wall, but then I'm left with weird faded spots everywhere. Any suggestions?
I have a great love for Magic Erasers and my Windex with Vinegar (awesome stuff) but I haven't really liked any of the other cleansers I've tried for my bathrooms and kitchen. I had one a long time ago called ZAP and it would eat hard water off of ANYTHING! It also ate holes in any fabric that it touched and burned like crazy if you got it on your skin ... for some reason, they stopped making it. That was a sad day. It was an incredible cleaner, even though it was a tad on the toxic side. I have yet to find anything that works that well... so, I turn to you. What cleaners could you not live without? Which ones work best where? Specifically, what ones do you use for your bathroom and kitchen?


Jamie J said...

I use softscrub on the tub, sink and toilet in the bathroom and it works really well. The others I use I'm not too attached to....Good luck cleaning!

Magirk said...

I use Scrubbing Bubbles on the tub, toilet, and sink and counters. Occasionally, I use the Lysol wipes for a quick clean.

I've actually been trying to switch over to 'healthier' cleaners, like the 7th Generation or Ecover brands from the health store, because of all the skin and health issues we have around here.

I really don't have any secrets for marks on walls (fortunately, we haven't had any problems with that yet - but with twins....).

I start, though, by using EGGSHELL paint on my walls! Which makes it so much easier to get fingerprints and such off. I also keep a can of leftover touchup paint in stock here, so that if there's a really bad mark, I can just paint over it! (hahaha)

I'm slick like that!

Good luck with your cleaning! Sorry I'm not much help.

(On a sidenote... YAY for last night's AI results! I'm so insensitive.)

Tonya said...

I use 409 in the kitchen. I am a firm believer that it will cut through anything. As demonstrated when I found some kind of brown sticky substance that had tried to become part of the bottom of the fridge and the 409 wiped it out.

I also use Clorox bathroom cleaner which works really well.

Nancy Face said...

I like CLR for hard water buildups, and Bar Keeper's Friend is my favorite thing for stainless steel sinks.

I am with you about flat paint! What are they even thinking? It is barely even washable, let alone SCRUBBABLE! They probably use it because it's a bit cheaper. Sorry I have never found a solution to that problem! :0

diana said...

i'm stopping by to say hi but i really don't want to talk about cleaning... i get enough of that outside of the blogging world. could you find a better topic for tomorrow :D

Bonnie said...

I am afraid that I am a lot like you in the fact that I mostly use magic erasers and Windex. (windex fixes everything)Windex is like duct tape and glue guns. Must haves.

Jean Knee said...

oxy clean spray

does everything, stains out of clothes, cleans all surfaces

Christy said...

My favorite find in the cleaning world is Zud (comes in a can like cleanser)... it's the only thing that cleans rust stains out of porcelain tubs and the grey "pot marks" out of porcelain kitchen sinks. Hard to find, so stock up when you do track it down. I buy it at Lowe's.

kailani said...

I'm at a loss, too. I need help with the drawings on my wall and the bath crayons on the bathtub tiles.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I used to use baby wipes to scrub the walls and as a pre-stain treatment on clothing. Yeah, it really works!