Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Decisions, Decisions
I have a dilemma. And so, as usual, I'm turning to you, bloggernauts, for your guidance and inspiration.
I have a membership to Barnes and Noble. So, every time I order a book, I get a discount between 10-40% off. On top of that, every so often they send an email with an extra discount code in it. So, I have an additional 20% off one item (oh, how I love discounts!).
And that's where my dilemma comes in. I can't decide what to use it on! I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to books. I love getting new books... but (there's always a "but" isn't there?) I'm also hesitant. I don't like reading books that are gory,vulgar (language or sexual content) or just plain boring! And so, I always worry about spending money on a book I haven't read before. What if it's nasty? What if it's foul? Or what if it is so stinking boring that my brain turns to mush and leaks out my ears? See? This is a big deal!
And this is where you can help. What have you read recently that you've liked? And, if you had a 20% off coupon for Barnes and Noble, what book would you buy? Or would you use it on a game? DVD? CD? What would you get?

Oh, and one more thing... Barnes and Noble has just opened an Audio Bookstore. You can download over 10,000 books. I've done a few price checks and B&N is anywhere from $5-15 less than what I found on iTunes... I've only looked at a few books, but what I've seen has been encouraging! We listen to audio books whenever we travel... so this is a great thing for us! Just thought I'd give a heads up in case anyone else out there loves this format as well. (And no, I don't work for Barnes and Noble and this is not a paid blog spot... I just really love buying things from them!)


Kimberly said...

If you haven't read Uglies yet, it is a MUST. Love the whole series. Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind is such a hoot. It's a bit pricey but so worth it for the laughs. Mistborn? Elantris? Brandon Sanderson's books are another must in my opinion.

Carrot Jello said...

what genres do you like?
My girls like the Uglies series.

JustRandi said...

I heart audio books! I like to hear them while I run!

Jean Knee said...

sorry, I only know about vulgar books

Jodi said...

I've recently been reading the Abram's Daughters series by Beverly Lewis. It's about an Amish family, which I find fascinating. They're not life changing books or anything, but an easy read. I've been checking them out at the library which is the best price...FREE!

Yvonne said...

I'm a visual person--listening to books doesn't work very well for me.

diana said...

that's good to know about the audio store. i'll be looking into that.

i would definitely use a discount on a book but i don't have any suggestions right now. i'm in the middle of george orwell's 1984 because i never read it in school. before that was john grishham's the innocent man. good enough but don't think i'd waste my discount on it.

did you read any of dan brown's books, davinci code or angels and demons? both good. he has two more but i haven't read them yet.