Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Harry Potter Party: Part 3

Time for some of the little things.  I know the kids didn't notice or care about a lot of the details, but I love them.  (That's what makes Disneyland such an amazing place for me - the details.  The big rides and attractions are wonderful, but I love the little things!  It just pulls everything together.)

In the same room with the letters flying out of the fireplace we have a mirror.  I took red acrylic paint and let it just kind of drip all over.

A fabulous friend used her Silhouette machine and cut out the vinyl lettering for the book covers.  I just bought some old books from our library.  $.25-$1.00 each.  Most were $.50

Displayed on the piano with the sorting hat and a little owl Christmas ornament I picked up in the @ Home store in Phoenix.  This was after the party so the hat had been loved and most of the treat bags were gone!

Tom Riddle's diary was a composition notebook and I slathered a TON of paint on it to get the texture.  I did cut a hole in it to look like I'd stabbed it with a basilisk fang, but that hadn't happened when I took this shot.
I made wands using wooden dowels and hot glue.  We put a base coat on them and then let the kids decorate them with metallic markers
Again, my wonderful friend cut out the lettering for the Ollivanders sign.  The black plastic you see there is a robe and it is the ONE THING I would totally get rid of from the party.  I bought a bunch of black plastic table cloths.  My mom cut a slit down the front, cut out the neck and then cut the arms.  She stapled the seams together.  But the plastic was so flimsy that the robes ripped.  A LOT.  We found staples all over the place after the party for a long time...
We made chocolate frogs using a mold I got from Amazon

We also filled some small containers with jelly beans for Bertie Bott's... the real beans were a tad expensive!!
 The candy's all went into a bag with a Honeyduke's label sealing it up!

We Googled some Educational Proclamations....
 Some Daily Prophet pages...
 And some wanted posters...

My oldest has some Harry Potter Legos that became part of the decor.
I created the Hogwarts Express, Platform 9 3/4 and Diagon Alley signs, again, with help of a friend and her Silhouette machine

This cute sign was painted by another fabulous friend
 I collected different items to try and represent all of the books.  Can you name the book(s) each item comes from?  It was a fun way to keep the kids entertained as well!

We have snowflakes up year round (because I'm lazy) so we hid a snitch up there.  Very few kids found it!
I had a couple of posters printed up as well

Next time (meaning eventually) I'll post pictures of all the activities and games that we did.  It really was a fun party!!

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