Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I have several posts I want to do in the next little while... so hang in there!  I'm still not doing so well with this blogging stuff... I am trying though!  Just a few Halloween pictures today....
Our witches kitchen and black light decor...

A few of us in costume.... not the best picture, but the only one of all of us smiling!  We had a witch, a reporter, and a Newsie.  (Little Bug was sick on Friday when we took these pics... I'll put some up of him later today if I remember... and some better ones of the rest of us)
And last but not least... pumpkins!


Not the happiest crew here... but they were tired of having their pictures taken and Little Bug kinda hates pumpkins... so yeah :)

Happy Halloween!!


Ally said...

Looks like a fun Halloween at your house! (despite the somber looks in that last photo - lol)

Great costumes! ;-)

Kristina P. said...

You guys rock the Halloween!!

Yvonne said...

Happy Halloween.

Love the costumes. Very cute. And your house looks so festive.

Sorry about Little Bug ; (

Tricia said...

I just came through from the "Next Blog" button. (Love that thing.)

I really like your black light "Boo" on the mirror! Looks so cool! Also, eyelashes on pumpkin, fabulous. :)

Anonymous said...


Attempting Aloha said...

Hi Melissa,

Sorry to drop in here, but I wanted to ask what books you use for your advent project? I'm doing a day on Christmas books and thought you might have some good ideas! Feel free to email me attemptingaloha at gmail dot com



Nancy Face said...

The pumpkins look VERY cool all lit up together!

LOVE the black light decor idea! It looks awesome!

Nancy Face said...

To answer your question...I decided to freeze the pie and bake it for Thanksgiving, so I HOPE it tastes good! Ha!

I agree with the lady about Las Vegas. As you approach where the temple is, it's like you're in a completely different world. The neighborhoods are lovely and peaceful, and I know there are wonderful people who live there. What bothered me so much is that you couldn't leave the bad stuff behind by simply leaving the Strip. We'd be driving along and see way too many inappropriate billboards, and there were small gambling places on every corner, or so it seemed to us. It was just hard to avoid coming across things we didn't want to see because there they were, right in our face!